Frontend developer – JavaScript


Location: Remote

This role is ideal for a developer that is keen to excel in JavaScript development, has an eye for detail and a focus on problem solving both before and during the build process.

Our Digital Marketing Services (DMS) developers build Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) experiences (A/B split testing) using CRO tools, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and relevant frameworks and libraries whilst adhering to quality standards and best practices.

This team works with our business partners to deliver code for multiple prestigious online retail and travel brands across the world, using a variety of front-end development technologies. The team is passionate about producing well written, high quality JavaScript code, that just works.

Training will be provided, typically a two week on-boarding period introducing you to the specific tools required for this type of work, the background of CRO and the need to knows.


Required technical skills and experience

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Debugging

  • Software Development Process

  • Teamwork

  • Context switching


Advantageous skills and experience

  • ES6 Promise Chains, fat arrows, destructuring objects and arrays

  • Responsive design – familiar with Bootstrap, Grid, Flex

  • Website Optimisation (A/B testing, Conversion Rate Optimisation)

  • Communicating with colleagues and clients, written and spoken

  • Investigating, researching and evaluating potential solutions, providing time estimates


Salary and remuneration

We offer an attractive salary and remuneration package depending upon individual skills and experiences.